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Knowledge and Action: Challenging the Limits

This keynote address by Brian Murphy at Inter Pares' 30th Anniversary Symposium, "Citizen Action: Challenging the Limits," April 2005, highlighted some of the most pressing issues for activists. From militarism and the security agenda to poverty and invasive biotechnology, Brian explores contemporary paradoxes in political action, while urging for mobilization toward progressive transformative change that challenges the limits of the (politically) possible.

Citizenship and Action: What's at Stake?

This document was presented as the keynote address to the "Community Forum on Social Action," hosted by the Concordia University Institute in Management and Community Development in June 2003, and explores what is at stake in social change activism.

An Honourable Commitment: Policy coherence in Canada’s relations with the global South

This brief was part of a formal federal government consultation process, in response to then-Canadian International Development Agency’s paper “Towards a Long-term Strategy for Canada’s International Assistance Program, A Framework for Consultation" (CIDA, October 19, 2000). As such, it contributed to discussions within and outside of government concerning Canada’s moral and political role in the world.

International NGOs and the Challenge of Modernity

This paper was originally commissioned as a contribution to a special 10th Anniversary Edition of the international journal Development in Practice (Vol. 10, Nos. 3 & 4, August 2000), which explored the future of social justice action within the international voluntary sector as we entered the 21st century.